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South! Always South – Ernest Shackleton story

This concert celebrates the death, 100 years ago, of the explorer Ernest Shackleton. A native of Kilkea, County Kildare, Shackleton led the Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition on board the ship ‘Endurance’ in 1914. The ship was trapped by ice-floes in the Weddell Sea and sank. Suddenly, what started as a great Antarctic adventure turned into a … Read more

Waterford Distillery – Music – Whisky – History: a full bodied tasting event

TICKETS Waterford Distillery – Music – Whisky – History. A full Bodied Tasting Event presents a fine blend of music, history and a new release of Waterford Whisky, co-presented by Waterford Whisky, Joe Falvey & Harmania Choir. Harmania Choir will serenade the audience. Ned Gahan, Waterford Whisky Head Distiller passionately shares the ethos of Waterford … Read more Waterford & Newfoundland: A Connection “So Far”

REGISTER Join us and our very special guests in Waterford and Newfoundland as we as we peel back the layers of generations past to discover how this population transplant changed the face of our maritime/mercantile history, scattering our arts, culture and our people revealing an extraordinary story and a connection like no other…. anywhere else … Read more