Open Studio: Sean & Miranda Corcoran

Husband and Wife team Sean and Miranda Corcoran of The Art Hand will open the doors of their Studio for an Open Week from the 24th of October to 30th of October.
The Studio will be open from 2pm til 6pm daily.
The kettle will be on from 1.45pm to 6pm daily and we’ll be sure to have some nice treats too. We can accommodate any after hours visitors. Just give us
a CALL or EMAIL us. Looking forward to seeing you.



Sean and Miranda have been running The Art Hand for the last 11 years out in Waterford’s glorious Copper Coast where they have run art classes for kids and adults, batik workshops, stained glass workshops and spoken word events. They also worked in schools all over the country creating large collaborative Mosaics. But like many other businesses the pandemic put a stop to this.

During the pandemic, Miranda went on to experiment and develop a range of paintings on glass. These are bold, vibrant, colourful images of flowers and abstract shapes. Miranda is passionate about flowers, shapes and colour. Her garden and camera are full of flowers. Summertime is Miranda’s inspiration time. Having produced several sell out collections over the last few years Miranda is currently developing her latest collections which will be adorning the walls of the Art Hand this Autumn. She will also have a selection of her quirky little still lifes of her quirky little flowers. Miranda is also available to take on private commissions. A busy Mum of two kids and three dogs certain times of the year make it difficult for Miranda to get time to paint. August is a month of new beginnings for her to prepare the studio, get supplies and get back in the creative zone.

Sean is best known for his Sand Art images which he creates along the Copper Coast. His favorite beach to create locally on is Kilmurrin Cove. He is often spotted there with his rake, his giraffe and Joe. He draws large scale images on the sand. These images are temporary but have been captured digitally. Sean has travelled far and wide for commissions and festivals. This year so far he has travelled to Texas for the Llano Earth Art Festival which he was an invited artist. He worked on the European Stone Stacking Championships, Dunbarr in Scotland. He still has one more Festival to go in the Uk and is currently working on some exciting commissions. Sean works with lots of groups from private family gatherings to schools, youth groups and corporate events.

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