Let’s Talk Waterford: Tides & Tales, In The Great Western’s Wake


Andrew Doherty of Tides & Tales fame tells of generations of Waterford people travelled and worked aboard the SS Great Western which connected the port with Fishguard in Wales from 1934 to 1966.

In that time countless numbers fled the country in search of work, while in other cases families returned on holidays to their ancestral homes. The quays bustled with animal exports and imported good from our nearest neighbour. The ship became a symbol of a vibrant and changing country, a barometer of our changing fortunes. Join us for an afternoon aboard the Barrow Princess where the story of the ship, its cargos, her toiling crew and many passengers is revealed as we journey from its base at the Adelphi Wharf to the meeting of the Three Sister Rivers at Cheekpoint.

Let’s Talk Waterford series provides an opportunity to take a breather whilst marrying great conversationalists for a lunchtime experience that blends effortlessly into a busy schedule.

Overlooking Waterford’s quayside we aim to satisfy and stimulate the mind, body and the soul with spectacular views and chat of the quays and of Waterford City.

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