Let’s Talk Waterford: Pigs Toes And Other Tales


Conversation and banter with three of the best. Join Russ Parson, Tony Barry and Dermot Power for a great in depth conversation about the famous bacon industry and surrounding neighbourhoods of Waterford City in Pigs Toes and Other Tales.

Russ Parsons is a food writer and columnist. He served as the food editor and columnist of the Los Angeles Times for more than 25 years before leaving in 2015. He has written about food for more than 30 years, including his career at The Times, where he also served as managing editor and deputy editor. He is the author of the cookbooks How to Read a French Fry and How to Pick a Peach, which were published by Houghton-Mifflin.

Tony Barry is a now retired Lecturer in Culinary Arts, Tony scooped the 2017 Teaching Excellence Award at WIT. Having worked as a chef since the age of 14, he rose to the position of head chef before beginning his teaching career with Fáilte Ireland, joining WIT in 1993. Tony’s passion for culinary Arts is contagious. With a staggering 18 gold world culinary championship gold medals. Tony is an expert in Waterford food heritage and he is World class!

Dermot Power is a well know contributor to Waterford Local Radio on all matters history. The author of five books on Waterford history, he has written numerous history articles for journals and newpapers. He worked for several years in the Local History Department of Waterford City Library.

Let’s Talk Waterford series provides an opportunity to take a breather whilst marrying great conversationalists for a lunchtime experience that blends effortlessly into a busy schedule.

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