John Palmer Rhythm Route

Heineken and John Palmer Music are working with local bars to promote free live music adding more culture and rhythm to the Imagine Festival 21st birthday and 35 Years of John Palmer Music Shop. Kindly supported by Heineken: Jordans, Tullys, Geoffs and Phil Grimes.

John Palmer has a lot of musical genius and endless admirers as he is our local hero and friend of the arts. John has been supplying musical instruments,  equipment and great advice to the people of Waterford for 35 years and he’s still smiling.

PHIL GRIMES BARFriday 28 and Saturday 29 October: IMAGINE VINYL

Saturday 29 October: Deaf Monkey 4

Sunday 30 October: Evan Miles & Peter Vogelaar


Sunday 30 October: 

1:00 PM Lets Talk Waterford: Bana Rua Sea Shanti

Omega 3


Wed 26 October: TBC
Thurs 27 October: Lou Bennett
Fri 28 October: Two Cents
Sat 29 October: TBC
Sun 30 October: Conor Clancy

TULLY’SLive music Wednesday to Sunday

The Legendary John Palmer Music Shop
John Palmer – Our Hero!
Musicians producing pure gold in the store

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