skyline strip

I’m focused on little creatures this year. I was first inspired to paint these when my son sent me a beautiful photo of a bumblebee that had visited his garden. I became quite obsessed after that with the tremendous variety of creatures around us, all happily getting on with their very important jobs, oblivious as to how fascinating we find them. So, it’s all bees and bugs this year – Bumblebees, snails, ladybirds, butterflies and more! I’ve learned to appreciate these little things like never before through my artwork. I hope my exhibition gives you the same buzz to view as it gave me to make it.

I’m originally from Manchester where you need a string of letters after your name before you can get your foot in the door of the art world. I love the Irish art scene because there’s room for the little guy, the unknown artist willing to give it a go.

I’ve been painting now for almost ten years and it’s something I’m passionate about. My favourite subject to paint is the portrait. But I like to mix it up and explore new avenues. This year I’m focusing my work on creatures – bees, bugs and the like – because nature inspires me, and because whatever I decide to paint I learn from. I notice so much more than the appearance of the subject; I start to see characteristics and behaviour patterns that intrigue me. I love the beautiful designs in the natural world, there is so much variety and colour and sound. And every living thing has a purpose, a roll to play. I try to reflect that in my work and the titles that I use.