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Rosemary Higbee 

Retrospective: 1923-2019

Rosemary Higbee Retro.jpg

Title of painting: Still Life with Red Bucket


Rosemary Higbee - A Retrospective

Exhibition Launch:

23rd October @ 7:00pm

Exhibition Dates:

Wedensday - Saturday:

16th October - 16th November

12:30 - 5:30pm


Goma Gallery

Admission & Booking:



Rosemary Higbee was born in India in 1923. She lived in England throughout World War Two and studied at the famed Chelsea School of Art. She moved to Ireland in 1973, lecturing in art in Waterford. Her family had originally come from Gracedieu, Waterford City.

Rosemary’s early years in India had influenced her palette and her work belongs to the great colourist tendency of early twentieth century art, standing alongside her contemporaries Howard Hodgkin and Patrick Heron.

Influenced by the work of Picasso, Braque, Matisse and Bonnard, Higbee used brushes, palette knives and fingers to create her work.

Imagine Arts Festival is pleased to introduce a retrospective of Rosemary Higbee’s work.