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written by: 

Una McKevitt and  PJ Gallagher 



Date :

Wednesday, 23rd October




Theatre Royal


€22.00 / €20.00 conc



or Call:   051-874402


Madhouse by Una McKevitt & PJ Gallagher Resized.jpg


Written by:   Una McKevitt & PJ Gallagher

Story by:   Una McKevitt

Starring:   Katherine Lynch & Shane O’Reilly


Based on the unbelievable true life story of comedian PJ Gallagher.

When PJ was ten, his Ma, a nurse, moved six men with schizophrenia into the family home to care for them full time.

 “It was like this. When you went through our front door and turned right, you were in mad land, where the mad lads lived. And when you turned left - me, Ma, Da and the dog. It was madness. Absolute madness.”

Madhouse is supported by The Arts Council, Project Arts Centre and The Pavilion Theatre.


“Madhouse is crazy good. It's a pacy, brilliantly written production full of PJ's trademark humour - honest and observational without ever being cruel.”

-  www.dublinlive.ie  ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


“Comic coming of age story.

-  Irish Times ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


It's a joyously kind, touching piece and very funny.

-  Sunday Independent


“A fusion of penetrating insights of behaviour patterns and standup - the spirited yet loving mother, son portrayal works exceptionally well.”

-  The Sunday Times


“Madhouse transitions and balances the funny with the dark excellently well. Strong performances easily captivate the audience throughout."

-  Meg.ie


“A biopic romp based on the life of comedian PJ Gallagher; it’s just ridiculous enough to be true. The show reveals that normalcy is an illusion and adolescence is bizarre.”

-  Fringereview.co.uk



Madhouse Support

Madhouse is supported by The Arts Council, Project Arts Centre and The Pavilion Theatre.

Madhouse premiered at the Abbey Theatre on the Peacock stage during Dublin Fringe Festival 2018.