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Janie Kavanagh 

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Date :

4th - 27th October.

Opening Times:                                              

2:00pm - 6:00pm 


The Rogue Gallery and Studios,

25 Micheal St, Waterford City.

Admission & Booking:


Jane Kavanagh

My artwork comes from a fascination with exploring the ideologies based around the mechanics of the human psyche.


My work is an inner investigation  of the ‘self’, taking inspiration from Freudian and Jungian psychology, Greek and Celtic mythology, and our natural surroundings. I attempt to deconstruct these archaic ideologies, then mix them with modern images. I rework them though a variety of artistic mediums, in order to create surreal landscapes and figures. I use these barren lands to represent the psychonauts voyage to the inner mind the journey we all inevitably must take, literally and metaphorically.


“I want to take the viewer to that empty space, where ideas are truly born inside each of us. My art is a journey for me as the artist and for the viewer; the outcome is something of a surreal deconstruction and reconstruction of self.”