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Wednesday, 21st October



Online viewing:

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Wednesday, 21st Oct.


An idea, a stage, an audience! Imagine Arts Festival launched an idea during lockdown to find three creators and help the to bring their ideas to the stage, now we just need the audience!

Join us on an evening of creativity to explore three works in progress, giving you the opportunity to be a part of the journey that makes an idea come to life.

There will be three 20 minute performances by Shannon O’Reilly, Aine O’Hara and Yasmin Mello followed by a Q&A with Ronan Fitzgibbon of A Little Room, Theatre Development Centre.



- Shannon O’Reilly

“Dearest” is an experimental one-woman show that explores the intimacy of connection with oneself and others. Based on a series of letters, “Dearest” explores what happens when a woman detaches herself from screens and begins to write to “Dearest”, sharing parts of herself that she would never dare to share on-screen. The piece explores what occurs when a connection is no longer immediate and offers an insight into someone’s life in a way that is unfiltered, unsexy, flawed, and vulnerable.

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Shannon O’Reilly is a writer from Waterford. A two-time winner of the Sean Dunne Young Writers award, Shannon has been writing fiction from a young age. In 2016 Shannon was chosen to take part in Ireland’s playwriting festival “Scripts” where she received mentorship from the award-winning playwright Eugene O’Brien. In 2019 Shannon was chosen to take part in the workshop “Writing Stories of the Self and Others” with two award-winning authors Emilie Pine and Carmen Francessca. Shannon holds an MA in Comparative Literature.


- Yasmin Mello

Look at me. Am I not your daughter? Look at me. I'm not gone like yesterday's shadow. I am here.

A new and original solo dance-horror piece from Yasmin Mello, Marbleface combines choreography and monologue to tell a dark and disturbing tale of one young woman pushing back against this world by delving into another and summoning...something with a marbleface.

There's here. In the room with us.

Developed and choreographed during lockdown, Marbleface channels anguish and hate into a visceral performance.

Directed, Choreographed and Performed by Yasmin Mello
Written and Co-devised by Ciarán Lawless



Yasmin Mello is a choreographer, director, performer, researcher and a dance and pilates teacher specialized in classical ballet, jazz dance, contemporary dance and creative and somatic practices. She has a BA in Dance from Faculdade Angel Vianna (BR) and a MPhil in Theatre and Performance from Trinity College Dublin (IRE). Her works are a synthesis of media that move between film, theatre, dance and performance art and she is interested in investigating ways to tell stories through surreal visual images and intuitive movement choreographies.

Calling in Sick

- Áine O' Hara

Calling in Sick is an investigation of whether or not disabled people can ever be equal under a capitalist society. I am exploring healthcare utopias, game shows where your prize is treatment and whether political protest and artistic actions can actually change the law in this country. I am interested in how disabled people have been mistreated within the Covid19 crisis and how we can use our experiences to advocate for a system that centers on communication, conversation and care.

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Áine O’Hara is a multidisciplinary artist, theatre maker and designer. Áine has presented work at Dublin Fringe Festival; Dublin Live Art Festival; Live Collision International Festival; Westival; Theatre Machine at Project Arts Centre; participant in the Abbey Begins 2019. Recent awards/recognitions include: Axis Playground Bursary 2020, A4 Sounds AiR 2020, Outburst Queer Fringe Award, Oileán AiR 2019, DUETS programme 2019, Ps2 residency Belfast 2019, World of Co Residency, Sofia, Bulgaria 2019 and DIVA Award Electric Picnic 2017.