Exhibition: Hound by Paul Bolger

Paul is a passionate creative. A Design (Communications) graduate from WIT and  musician, he entered the entertainment industry in the late 1980s and has provided his drawing, design and directing skills to films, books and graphic novels; along with writing, recording and performing his songs since then. His animation film’s credits include The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Thief & The Cobbler, Cool World, Shaun The Sheep and the upcoming Wallace & Gromit filmHe released the eponymous first of two recent music albums on the Canadian label Wolfe Island records in 2020, with the follow up HARD TRUTH arriving to great reviews in Spring 2022. Work is underway for his third record.

Paul’s graphic novel adaptation of the life and times of Ireland’s national hero Cú Chulainn, HOUND, was illustrated by Paul and co-written with Barry Devlin (of Horslips fame). HOUND is published worldwide by Dark Horse Comics (300, Hellboy, Sin City, Umbrella Academy, etc.) and available wherever books are sold.

We are honoured to host Paul’s phenomenal exhibition. We are equally honoured and excited that Paul will facilitate two workshops during the festival, see HERE. Early booking is advised!

“HOUND – UNLEASHED” is a multimedia exhibition detailing the development of Paul J Bolger’s retelling of the life and times of Ireland’s greatest hero. The screenplay and book were co-written by Paul with Barry Devlin (of Horslips) with lettering by Dee Cunniffe and project logo and branding by fellow WIT graduate, Fran Walsh. Paul is the Creator, Illustrator and Director of the project.

HOUND began life in 1990 when Paul could not find a satisfactory answer to the question, “why are there no Irish legends or myths being made into movies or comics?” Time has of course caught up and long answered this question as more and more movies, games and comics mine our past for future forms of entertainment.

The life cycle of the project has come full circle again having seen it begin as an animated feature film before being adapted into a proposal for a live action film and then into the current iteration: a 500 page graphic novel. A film and spin off TV series are in development.

The exhibition, which had a hugely successful six week run this summer at The Dunamaise Arts Centre in Portlaoise, takes on three aspects of the project –

CONCEPT – an overview of early design, art and other development works
BOOK – a look at some of the development work behind the graphic novel
FILM – an introduction to some of the production design and props involved

Along with many samples of original art, design and other materials made to further the completion of the project there are also sketches, drawings, prints and paintings for sale.

We hope you enjoy this celebration and reimagining of one of Ireland’s oldest and greatest sagas. Cú Chulainn has inspired artists and writers for over two millennia – this exhibition will hopefully inspire more to create their own adaptations of Irish legends and original projects.

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