Behind Closed Doors – The Waterford Distillery tour


In our Behind Closed Doors Series, we invite you to join us for a guided tour of the Waterford Distillery, Grattan Quay, Waterford City. The tour start time is 11:30am and the duration is approximately 1 hour.

William Strangmans original brewery was established on-site here in 1792. It later became Cherry’s Brewery. Now alongside the historic buildings stands the modern Waterford Distillery, converted from brewery to distillery by Mark Reynier in 2015.

The state of the art distillery now produces terrioir-drivent, barley forward natural whisky. The built heritage here stands testament to the legendary brewing heritage over the centuries and thanks to Waterford Distillery we have an opportunity to visit

Accessibility note: there are steps and stairs on this tour.

Maximum number 20 people.

Find out more about the site’s history HERE.

Rosemary Ryall, Waterford City and County Conservation Officer, presents this wonderful series of house calls giving us the opportunity to get a in-depth look at building we pass on the street everyday, wonder about or don’t even see.

Rosemary will walk and talk us through buildings and layers of a complex history to reveal architecture that forms an integral part of the City’s cultural heritage and identity.

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