Eamon Ambrose

Saturday 21 October
Self-Publishing - Panel, The Library

Eamon Ambrose is a science fiction author and recovering musician from Limerick, and is normally loathe to talk about himself in the third person. Having started lhis literary life as a book reviewer and blogger, he has contributed book reviews and articles to various websites including Following The Nerd and Headstuff. During this time, Eamon used this experience to hone his writing skills and build relationships in the writing community. He became aquainted with bestselling author Hugh Howey after being introduced to (by none other than Rick O' Shea) and reviewing his novel Wool and became not only a fan of the series, but also fascinated with the process of self-publishing itself, of which Hugh was one of the major successes at the time.

In 2015, Eamon released his first short story, Zero Hour, an experimental science fiction story that challenges our preconceptions of the genre, and prepared for obscurity, however his plans were scuppered when, despite his best efforts, the story began to sell, eventually becoming an Amazon bestseller, and garnering praise and rave reviews from readers and fellow authors alike. Almost two years later, he still waits to be contacted by Amazon to be told it was a glitch and they want their money back.

Then something even stranger happened–readers began to contact him with the question “What happens next?” to which the answer was “I have no idea,” and it soon became clear that the story would need to be continued, and thus the short story apocalyptically mushroomed into a six-part serial. Happily, many readers stuck around for the ride, and it was released as a full novel in October 2016, with an audiobook version currently in production.

In his time spent in the industry, Eamon has witnessed huge changes and overcome many challenges, as well as the many pitfalls associated with self publishing, and regularly dispenses advice to those who wish to take the first steps towards being an independent author.

His next release is a novella Love And Other Algorithms and his next full novel, Madeleine Strange is due for release in late 2017, and he will also be appearing in the upcoming Chronicle Worlds: B-Movie anthology with his story Bubbles, as well as The Illustrated Robot anthology with Nokyo Rising. He has also been selected to appear in an upcoming anthology of short stories based on Hugh Howey's Wool. He has guested on the popular Author Stories Podcast with Hank Garner, alongside luminaries such as Anne Rice, Patrick Rothfuss, and Blake Crouch, to name a few.

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