Tara Keegan

Thursday October 19th
Georges Court Shopping Centre

Visual artist Tara Keegan is a recent graduate of Sculpture & Combined Media from the Limerick School of Art & Design. Keegan is fascinated by the human body and it is ever present in her work. Creating forms and objects through the medium of soft sculpture enables Keegan to evoke a visceral quality that is inherent in the body. Keegan stretches pulls and prods the materials in turn stitching, stuffing, squeezing, scrunching and knotting them to create bouncy, bulbous, squishy, spongy, puffy organic forms that evoke an emotional response. Keegan is inspired and motivated by the human body’s ability to adapt and change to its environment biologically and culturally. Keegan is driven by her innate desire for self-expression through Art.

Admission : Free

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