South East Makerspace
Immersive Interactive Light Installation,

Friday October 20th, 1pm
16/18 O'Connell Street

I.I.L.I. is an Immersive Interactive Light Installation, created by South East Makerspace. A kinect camera with motion tracking software picks up the location and movement of people within the exhibition space. The physical movements of those present cause subtle shifts or directional changes to a beam of light originating from a projector. As the projected light changes, it catches fragments of reflective and translucent materials fixed within the installation area. The result produces ephemeral visual compositions of light that affect and alter the mood and experience of the surrounding space. I.I.L.I is a gameplay experience: a mash-up of physics, art and technology that encourages users’ to create their own light painting by combining body movement with the laws of reflection and refraction of light.

Admission : Free

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