From seed to blossom
Catherine Drea and Kate Quinn

The Granary
Waterford Institute of Technology and Waterford Healing Arts Trust

Kate Quinn and Catherine Drea met last year for the first time through Waterford Healing Arts. Both are creative photographers, writers and lovers of the natural world. Since then they have stayed connected through their shared passions and work. This will be their first exhibition together as part of the Waterford Imagine Festival 2017

“I choose to risk my significance, to live so that which came to me as seed goes to the next as blossom, and that which came to me as blossom, goes on as fruit.” Dawna Markova

Supported by The Granary, Waterford Institute of Technology and Waterford Healing Arts Trust.

Admission : Free

Catherine Drea

Catherine Drea is a contemplative photographer, writer and nature loving feminist. A graduate of the National College of Art and Design, her blog Foxglove Lane has won 4 awards in the best Photography Category of the Irish Blog Awards.

I explore the smaller and more intimate details of my relationship to Mother Earth. How natural light illuminates the hedgerows on an otherwise grey day. How the eyes of a Robin meet my gaze for a fleeting moment. By capturing and creating images from both inner reflections and outer worlds I hope to convey emotion, mutual vulnerability and the passing of time.

She has most recently exhibited in the Open House Architectural Photography Exhibition, London 2015, the Being Here Exhibition in Waterford in 2014, Lens Flare in Central Arts, Waterford 2016 and the Sea Horse Commemoration Exhibition in the Coastguard Station, Tramore 2016. She is a weekly photoblogger on Foxglove Lane and writes a fortnightly column in the Waterford News and Star called As I see it.

Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn is a creative photographer from Mooncoin. Last year as part of the Healing Arts Project Kate’s work was exhibited in UHW and published in a book called Nature’s Whispers. Kate works with children and families in portrait sessions and is a nature lover and writer.

Kate’s latest work, Flourish, represents her personal journey. A journey of shyness to expose one’s true passion. Exploring our inner stories is intricate and powerful and if we get to know ourselves deeply we can create from that place meaningfully.

“I enjoyed exploring mine. For me it was hours of imagination, doubt, excitement a feeling of been inspired I loved looking at the evolving images as they came together as a whole as though I was evolving and grown through them. Talents came alive. To live is to create. And to create is to live, to outgrow oneself, display one’s creative growth from within. I hope to continue to grow and share a new journey of my art with others. So that they may find passion and beauty inside what we do. Everyone of us has a story gift within.”

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