The Water Stave & Nems
collaborative works by Bill Stuart and Keith Currams,

Friday October 27th, 6:30pm
Shine Discovery

This event features two collaborative works by Bill Stuart and Keith Currams, exploring the potential for cohesion and translation between sound and vision.

In The Water Stave, the music is dictated entirely by the visual, analogous to an instrumental performance being dictated by conventional sheet music. All visual objects moving in and out of view are represented aurally, with all parameters of each object (size, colour, place, texture, etc.) translated to an aural characteristic (stereo placing, pitch, loudness, timbre, etc.). With this method, the music is effectively composed as soon as the video has been made.

Nems tackles the problem of creating a cohesive soundscape for the microscopic world, itself too small to produce sounds audible to us. This involved a less literal translation from visual to aural, relying more heavily on intuition. This piece also attempts to create a narrative within this setting.

Admission : Free

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