Genius Loci

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The Roman idea of Genius loci - spirit of a place - is common to many cultures.  Traditionally the term referred to a protective deity or an elemental form bound to or part of a particular environment.  It may also be a powerful but benevolent, highly intelligent spirit guiding travellers on life's journey.

Today the term is often used to describe the cherished essence of a unique landscape or a location's distinctive atmosphere. It may be experienced as a sentient place with intense energy fields - empowering and impacting the lives of ordinary people, or an environment that carries the imprint of those who passed through.

This exhibition of new work includes paintings, photography, prints and sculpture by Group 20ten members Pat Carri, Darragh Lyons, Pat McArdle, Christine O'Brien, Conor Rush, Milia Tsaoussis-Maddock and Beata Zakrzewska.

Gallery 20ten, 18a Lombard St, is open to the public from 1 to 5pm Wednesday to Saturday and by appointment. For information email

Admission : Free

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