Yorkston Thorne Khan
Special Guest Patrick M. Barret of Hedge Schools

Sunday October 29th, 8pm
St. Patrick's Gateway Centre

James Yorkston,Jon Thorne and Suhail Khan together combine their singular talents to create a confluence of currents, among them the north Indian sarangi; jazz-tinged bass, reminiscent in places of Danny Thompson; acoustic guitar that owes a debt to Dick Gaughan and Mississippi John Hurt; and three very different vocalists - James Yorkston (East Neuk of Fife), Jon Thorne (Isle of Wight) and Suhail Yusuf Khan (New Delhi).

Two critically acclaimed albums in as many years, incredible performances at Green Man, Celtic Connections, Edinburgh and Glastonbury Festivals, and tours in India, Spain and Ireland have brought increased confidence and more fluid interplay between Yorkston, Thorne and Khan.

As Jon Thorne says: "I think YTK is a fine example of how music operates without boundaries as a common international language and a source of cross-cultural unity. It’s an important message in the times that we live in."

Special Guest
Patrick M. Barrett (Hedge Schools)

Patrick M. Barret is one half of Hedge Schools.

Hedge Schools - Patrick Barrett and Joe Chester - are in the midst of recording their third album. The follow up to their critically acclaimed 'At The End of a Winding Day' is due for release in early 2018. Here's a rare opportunity to hear their new material before it's release.

Yorkston Thorne Khan play St. Patrick's Gateway Centre with support from Patrick M. Barrett on Sunday October 29th.

Admission : €17.50

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