Tuesday October 24th, 8pm
Garter Lane

Larry, has Downs, Sophie, has severe epilepsy. The two are attracted to each other and, through a care worker Tom (played by Waterford’s Robert Doherty), they sneak away to a hotel room during a supervised trip to the cinema. What do they do once they are there? How do they express a love that dare not speak it’s name? Are they aware that in Ireland they are about to break the law?

While these questions are posed the rest of their colleagues seek out their own challenges: An impromptu shopping trip, pints in the pub, and a surreptitious cuddle in front of a movie screen. Dave Allen once said “The secret of comedy is small victories”, and these mini triumphs offset the dramatic challenges that take place in a Galway hotel room between two lovers who refuse to be defined by their disabilities.

Admission : €7:50/€6 Conc. Or €9 on the door

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