Miranda Corcoran

Online Arts Trail: 15th to 24th of October

I am a decorative Artist. I paint vibrant naive, quirky images on glass. I have only recently returned full time to my creative life after having our two babies( now big), building a new home & starting a business with my husband Sean Corcoran. I work on my pieces in between taking care of our animals, my precious daily dips in the sea and walking the dogs.
We live on the cliffs of The Copper Coast. My surroundings are my influence for my paintings. I take photos and document all the wild flowers in my area. I paint my versions of these flowers and plants in large meadow scenes. I also paint still lifes of these flowers in funky decorative vessels.

Colour is a huge part of my life. I love pops of colour around me.
Love Hearts are also a big feature of my work. I see Love Hearts in lots of different things from the foam on the sea looking over the cliffs to the mud on the road. I have a gigantic collection of Love Heart rocks.

My work is constantly evolving. I like to experiment with my paints & my technique. I use glass paints, metallic based paintings, glitter, acrylics and a selection of textures paints.

I Absolutely love painting these images. They are full of fun, colour and joy.

Miranda Corcoran Photo of work .jpg

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