Janet Sibley

Online Arts Trail: 15th to 24th of October

I’m originally from Manchester where you need a string of letters after your name before you can get your foot in the door of the art world. I love the Irish art scene because there’s room for the little guy, the unknown artist willing to give it a go.

I’ve been painting now for almost ten years and it’s something I’m passionate about. My favourite subject to paint is the portrait. But I like to mix it up and explore new avenues. This year I’m focusing my work on creatures - bees, bugs and the like - because nature inspires me, and because whatever I decide to paint I learn from. I notice so much more than the appearance of the subject; I start to see characteristics and behaviour patterns that intrigue me. I love the beautiful designs in the natural world, there is so much variety and colour and sound. And every living thing has a purpose, a roll to play. I try to reflect that in my work and the titles that I use.

Janet Sibley.jpg

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