'Fairytales & Rhymes'

- Rinnefidh Arte

Venue: The Rogue Gallery & Studios

Dates: Friday, 16th October to Saturday, 13th November

Opening Times: 12:00pm - 5:00pm,  Wednesday to Thursday | 12:00pm - 7:00pm, Saturday to Sunday.

Admission: Free Event

Rinnefidh Arte' is proud to present ‘Fairytales & Rhymes' for the Imagine Festival 2021. The work promotes the ultimate futility of language against the enchantment of the visual encounter.

Rinnefidh Arte is focused upon the significance of the image as a semiotic creation. It is a culmination of art derived from two multi-disciplinary contemporary Irish artists.

The artist, Rosemarie Walsh, explore various themes and concepts as interrelated images. The dynamics of this process conspires with the gallery space to enchant the viewer into a realm or dimension to which the viewer, and the viewer alone, has access.

As the physicality of the sculptured works is not autonomous, they instead confer a narrative that promotes the abstract into a structurally defined larger ecology. The dependent becomes interdependent. Space, mass and volume now preoccupy a fourth dimension, time.

The aim of Rinnefidh Arte is to define its own signature.

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