Sylvan - Jonathan M. Daley

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This October, Tinderbox will premiere Jonathan M. Daley’s thrilling new play in site-specific locations across Ireland. Sylvan promises to be a visual feast of the theatre of the Grotesque with stunning design by Stuart Marshall and featuring a stellar cast, Ruby Campbell, Maria Connolly and Seamas O’Hara. The play will be performed in Forests in Enniskillen, Coleraine, Belfast and we are delighted to be part of the Imagine Arts Festival in Waterford. Sylvan promises to be a nightmarish immersive live experience with the amalgamation of digital film, horror, sound design and live performance. Sylvan will be directed by Tinderbox Artistic Director, Patrick J’O Reilly.

This is an outdoor venue, please dress appropriately.

Venue: WIT West Campus, Carriganore

Date / Time: 6:00pm, Sunday, 24th October


Sylvan Synopsis

Paul and Deirdre are adopting a child. In their world, adoption is shameful and embarrassing, and discretion is key. When Rosie, the adoption agent, arrives, getting the child seems a little uncertain until the secret is revealed; an illegal forest in one of the bedrooms on the top floor. Rosie now has a powerful bargaining chip and offers to get them a child so she can spend a few days in the forest each week. However, Rosie also holds a secret close to her heart and her weekly visits to the forest invites a sinister presence that begins to create havoc in all of their lives. Sylvan is a delicious nightmare for the senses.


Cast: Ruby Campbell, Seamus O Hara, Maria Connolly

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