Imaginings, A Showcase of Ideas

Imagine Arts Festival, in its second year running, is launching three exceptional ideas, helping creators bring them to the stage and to a live audience.

Join us on an evening of creativity to explore three works in progress, Catalan Butterflies, Covid Closing Ceremony and L219 Collective, giving you the opportunity to be part of the journey that makes an idea come to life.

There will be three 20 minute showcases followed by a Q&A with Ronan Fitzgibbion of A Little Room Theatre Development Centre.

Venue: Garter Lane Theatre

Date / Time: 6:00pm, Friday, 22nd October

Admission: €6.00


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Catalan Butterflies

Catalan Butterflies is an exhibition of art and poetry inspired by Laurence O’Dwyer’s journeys over the Pyrenees. A chance encounter with a butterfly expert who described himself as an anarchist lepidopterist provided the spark for a series of portraits of humans and butterflies that inhabit the shadowy corners of a sunny province of the world. As the title of each poem and story is drawn from a different butterfly, the work blends playful descriptions of Linnaean taxonomy with a personal cartography of Catalan trails.

While working on these tales at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Ireland, Laurence met the artist Adele Pound and together they discovered a shared obsession with the strange adventures of creatures large and small (including humans) in the natural world. Their conversations have evolved into a collaborative project that entails the crafting of butterflies in response to the poems from the sequence.

With a fascination for the biologists of the Linnaean era and a particular fondness for the naturalist Fritz Müller and the principality of Andorra, both artists attempt to convey their enthusiasm for these subjects through an exhibition that showcases a vivid and unusual coupling of words, landscape, and pop-up creations.

Laurence O’Dwyer

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Laurence O’Dwyer’s first collection of poetry, Tractography (Templar, 2018), received the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award. His second collection, The Lighthouse Journal (Templar, 2020), received a Van Cleef & Arpels Special Fellowship in Poetry from the Bogliasco Foundation.

Working with the Swedish app developer and game-maker, Malte Olsson, The Lighthouse Journal has been adapted into an interactive book for Google Play featuring narrated poems, maps and photography from regions of Vesterålen and Lofoten where the book is set.

He has received fellowships from the Rensing Center and MacDowell and has been a visiting scholar at the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge. He holds a PhD in paradigms of memory formation from Trinity College Dublin and in 2020 he was awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship.

He is also a mountain runner and has completed the 170 km trail race, Andorra dels Cims, which circumnavigates the borders of Andorra along its ridge lines. Preparing for this race over a number of years afforded him ample time to get to know the local flora and fauna, including a lepidopterist who paved the way for his project, Catalan Butterflies.

Adele Pound

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Adele originally studied fine art, dismaying her tutors by insisting on painting wildlife. The inspiration for all her work is the natural world. Central to this is her ongoing practice of drawing from life. Whether drawing wintering birds through a telescope or clipping magnifiers to her glasses to study insects in her garden, she still insists on drawing wildlife.

It is this careful study, observation and research that enables Adele to design her paper art creations. Immediately recognisable species are depicted through the use of simple shapes and colours. Each design is a learning process that expands Adele's self-taught paper engineering skills and reveals new ideas and possibilities for the next design.

Adele has received a number of awards and bursaries from Arts Council NI, Ards and North Down Borough Council and the Society of Wildlife Artists. She has taken part in numerous artist's residencies, some specifically wildlife focussed, such as the John Busby Seabird Drawing course and the Ayatana Research Residency Parliament of Owls in Quebec, Canada.

COVID Closing Ceremony

The COVID Closing Ceremony is an interactive piece of promenade theatre, which aims to allow participants space to process their individual and collective experience of the pandemic with both sensitivity and humour. A series of short interactive games and experiences will culminate in a ceremony, facilitated by Ciara O’Connor (Mo Chuisle) where we formally honour and bid farewell to COVID.

Humorous common experiences from COVID will be acknowledged – multisensory experiences such as banana bread tasting and toilet paper chases will add a sense of lightness to proceedings. However, it is important to ultimately pay respects to a pandemic that caused so much upset – participants will have space to reflect and to mark their own losses by contributing to a piece of physical artwork, and taking part in the goodbye ceremony.

Nicola Spendlove

Nicola Spendlove.jpg

Nicola Spendlove has qualifications in Occupational Therapy, neuroscience and sensory integration. She is also an experienced playwright, actor and freelance journalist.

Ciara O’Connor


Ciara O’Connor is a primary school teacher, behavioural therapist and celebrant. She is also an experienced writer and actor, in both English and Irish.

Benjamin Quinlan


Benjamin Quinlan eats, sleeps and breathes theatre – he is an experienced actor, writer, director and facilitator. He has spent the last number of years working with Little Red Kettle, empowering school-aged children to take part in drama.

L219 Collective

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L219 Collective is made up from 4 International Artists who all met while working and living in Coventry, UK., around 2012. The Core members are:

  • Natalie Brown
  • Amy Voris
  • Christian Kipp
  • Cath Cullinane.

The work produced by the collective core and invited guest artists, often offers a platform for experimentation and improvising in a Site specific space. Allowing for Light, Sound and the Body to play and interact with an ever changing environment.

About GelbeZeit:

Lighting Designer Cath Cullinane writes: This work in progress consists of two solos and one duet and explores the dual worlds of the past year and half. Stay at home was the message, which we did, many in solitude within the constraints of the four walls known as home and work. The escape was the single hour visits to the green spaces, if you were lucky to have them nearby. I was very lucky to spend hours in my garden, where the ever-evolving yellow sunflower became my listening post and friend.

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