Imagine Arts Festival Club

ImagineArst festival invite you to their festival club @Backstage, Theatre Royal featuring special guests and local legends, Deaf Monkey and Redbrick. A live local music event!

Venue: Backstage @Theatre Royal

Date / Time: Doors open 10:00pm, Saturday, 23rd October

Admission: €6.00


Deaf Monkey


5th March 2020  “Backstage@theRoyal”  just 5 days before the end of the world saw  Deaf Monkey debut performance, Through many fingers have been pointed to date , no one yet has been able to join the dots. So it seems fitting that their 2nd ever performance should coincide with freedom day, or at least a tentive return to normality . 

Thrilled to be sharing the bill with Redbrick for Imagine Arts Festival, festival club .Deaf Monkey play a brand of hi energy  punchy guitar driven indie rock/pop. Not bad for a bunch of old timers and a couple of kids 

Deaf monkey is a collaboration between  , Sean O Sullivan , Paul Power , Andrew "Chewie "Cusack , Kieran O Halloran , & Dermot Quinn

Terms and condition apply , WARNING you may loose your hearing  through prolonged exposure , WARNING  Deaf Monkey are not regulated by central bank or any other bank for that matter

Red Brick


After kicking off their World Domination or Back to the Day Job tour in Downes Pre~ Covid. Red Brick return to their home town for a gig in the Theatre Royal when they share the stage with Deaf Monkey. Having previously turned in an incendiary set in the intimate confines of the Royal’s back stage performance area, the band is delighted to accept an invite of a return to Backstage@. in association with Imagine Arts Festival.

With influences from David Bowie to Talking Heads, Roxy Music to The Clash, Red Brick certainly know how to entertain a crowd and abide by the unwritten rule of rock’n’roll to send everyone home with a spring in their step and a tune or two rattling around their heads. 

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