Service with a smile


Cathedral Square

Date & Time :  

Friday, 23rd Oct: 


2:00pm | 3:15pm | 4:30pm


Free Event - Booking Essential

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Box Office open 9th October

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Vincent Smiley and Samuel Veneer are a pair of infamous salesmen, masquerading as world-famous dentists. They travel from town-to-town trying to sell their “pearly-whites elixir”—a cure-all remedy that will eliminate the need to ever visit the dentist again. What happens when their plan fails and their façade falls...can these “greatest salesmen” survive to sell another day?

Come one and all to see the hilarious duo, Smiley & Veneer, perform their quirky street show jam-packed with song, dance, slapstick, comedy and live music, which will have you grinning from ear to ear! Smiley & Veneer will make you laugh so hard you’ll be picking up your false teeth from the floor!

Family pods of five - spaces limited!

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Created and designed by: Curious State

Directed by: Eoin Ó hAnnracháin

Starring: Nicholas Kavanagh and Killian Browne

Composed by: Killian Browne

Soundtrack by: Joe Harney

Choreographed by: Jess Rowell